"I've seen Megan work on characters [that] could not be further apart from each other.  Megan inhabited them -- literally seemed to inhabit them -- completely and persuasively...somebody who can handle this range of material so brilliantly is worth your serious attention."  

                     ~ Austin Pendleton (actor, writer, director, and teacher of acting)   

“Megan has been my student of dialects...She is an extremely hard worker and has a great ear for accents."

                      ~Amanda Quaid, Dialect Coach & Actor

 "Megan's versatility with interpretations and spot on ability to understand directions and deliver makes her a very special talent to work with.  In short, Megan "gets it" quickly.  She's a rock solid pleasure to have in the studio.  Always aims to please."   ~Joanne Joella, Voice coach & actor


" From the moment she came to auditions, I knew Megan was well prepared for  the role- she researched the character and requirements for the part. Megan is professional in her dedication and thoroughness to a role and the production-always prompt, focused, and continuly developing her character. She displayed great comedic timing and created a character with meaning and depth."   

                    ~Terri Gilbert, Director









Megan McLain is a professional character and voice actress and member of SAG-AFTRA and Actor's Equity.


Megan recently had the great honor of being one of seven actors invited to participate in a special Respect for Acting Master Class in celebration of the centennial year of Uta Hagen through HB Studio and the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. Among the artists involved were Ethan Hawke, Caroline Aaron (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel), Johanna Leister, John Rothman, Matthew Conon, and Dane DeHann.











Megan continues to work on her craft, studying at HB Studio in New York as well as working privately with Austin Pendleton, Olympia Dukakis, Jessica Hecht, Amanda Quaid and Joanne Joella.

Recent roles include:


Alice Winter in The White Sheep of the Family

Granny/Warden in Women Behind Bars 

Mrs. Christ infeature film Scenes From The Underground   

Pat Nixon in August 8, 1974 (One Act Festival)

Juror 9 in Twelve Angry Women


Megan can also be found photographing whatever catches her eye, hiking, swimming and teaching/coaching swimming, exploring, reading, listening to an ecclectic mix of music--almost anything goes!



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