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Megan McLain


Height: 5'6"

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue


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Group Matters                                  Lead                        Megan McLain– BackgroundProductions
Scenes From The Underground    Supporting             Eric Swiz – First Circle, LLC Productions

Slow Learners                                   Uncredited             Don Argott, BBCG Films
Cafe Artist                                         Supporting              Cristoff Bell – Ghazo Media Productions
Butterfly Thief                                  Supporting              Olivia Marsh– NYU 
Proprietary Method                        Lead                         Rory Pfotenhauer– SVA


*Prairie Fire                                       Bea                             Dir.,  Moshe Henderson

Respect for Acting: An Uta Hagen Performer               Dir Austin Pendleton- HB Studio/Lincoln Center         

Master Class

The White Sheep of the Family   Alice Winter                Dir. Terri Gilbert- Trumbull New Theatre

Women Behind Bars                    Granny/Warden          Dir. Denise Ivanoff- The AlphaNYC

August 8, 1974                               Pat Nixon                    Dir. Denise Ivanoff – The AlphaNYC 
12 Angry Women                           Juror 9                         Dir. Emily Jackson – The AlphaNYC
The Girls of the Garden Club       Ginger                         Dir. Ken Weigart – T&C Players


*AEA Showcase/ New York Theater Festival

Training & Workshops

HB Studios, New York, NY Studio Scene Study - Austin Pendleton, Mercedes Ruehl (class by invitation only), Marsha Mason, Jessica Hecht

Private Coaching- Olympia Dukakis, Austin Pendleton, Jessica Hecht, Marsha Mason, Laura Esterman

Dialect Coaching- Amanda Quaid

Voice-Over Coaching- Joanne Joella
Walnut Street Theatre School. Philadelphia, PA- Teachers included Amina Robinson and Meghan Malloy
Workshop: Working With Actors: Olympia Dukakis


Special Skills

Dialects: Midwest, Southern, Standard British, Irish, New York

Athletic: Swimming (competitive and coaching), rock climbing, horseback riding, cycling, skiing, tennis, basketball, baseball, football, boxing, billiards

Performance: Voice Over, Improvisation, Percussion (djembe drum), Harmonica (beginner), Irish Tin Whistle (beginner)

Other: Small firearms, Licensed Driver, Passport, Red Cross certified  CPR/First Aid/AED for Professional Rescuers, Lifeguarding

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